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  The research and development center of Baoding Jiufu Biochemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. The center is ​​1,500 square meters, mainly engaged in the development and application of steroid former body and related intermediates derivatives by using biological fermentation method. This center is the earliest specialized agency using biological fermentation method for steroid research. Also, the company is China’s first to produce 4-androstenedione, 1,4–androstenedione, 11- hydroxy-androstenedione and 17-hydroxyprogesterone and other series of important steroid pharmaceutical intermediates by using direct fermentation method and expand into scale production, with the leading technical level in the industry through the nation.

  The R&D center has five laboratories including the microbiology laboratory, pilot fermentation laboratory, extraction and purification laboratory, chemical synthesis laboratory, and the analytical testing laboratory. Since R&D Center was established, the company has invested more than ten million RMB into hardware research and development. The laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment such as fully-automatic multi-functional fermenter, ultra-low temperature refrigerator, microorganism freezing dryer, multi-function pressure reaction axe, ultra-low temperature reactor, high-pressure reaction axe, column chromatography separation equipment, ceramic membrane, ultrafiltration membrane and nano filtration membrane. The analytics laboratory is equipped with over ten high-end precision instruments such as an automatic sampler gas chromatograph, Shimadzu
High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph, and a high pressure preparative liquid chromatography system.  The laboratories can be engaged in bio-chemical research such as microbiological selection and preservation, fermentation optimization and amplification, efficient extraction and separation, achieving requirement of high pressure, anhydrous, low temperature in the synthesis aspect. The hardware at the research and development center  is leading in the industry.

  After seven years of development, at present, the entire team of the R&D center has received five invention patents, which are all applied to the production, creating huge economic benefits, thus giving a strong impetus to the technological innovation and continuous improvement of the enterprise.

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